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07:00 - 10:00

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Whether you have been on a path of personal growth for a while, or you are new, it’s likely that you’ve experienced moments of intuitive knowing, a gut instinct or whispers from your soul.

This interactive evening is full of rich content specifically designed to support you to tap into this very real inner guidance, to feel confident in what it’s telling you and to ignite the spark that will lead you to living the life that you dream of.

Are you ready to tap into your higher guidance in a grounded, supported way – so that you can confidently take action from this place every day?

Are you ready to create a life aligned with your higher purpose?

YES, then we would love for you to join us!

Here’s a taste of the evening:

* Discover what your unique gifts are and how they support you to connect to your truth and live your souls purpose.
* Identify the shadow beliefs that have been holding you back from living the life you dream of.
* Receive support to deeply connect with your heart and your inner wisdom.
* Connect with like minded, conscious people who are passionate about living a life aligned to their purpose.
* Hear from our transformative featured guests on their journey to embracing their souls spark
* Support to follow your souls calling and follow your bliss.
* An open, honest discussion with your higher love family

Your Host:
Rebecca Jackson <>

Rebecca Jackson is the founder of Higher Love Today. She is passionate about supporting people to fully embrace their light, unique gifts and souls purpose and share it with the world. Rebecca is also a Spiritual Business Coach, mentor, consultant and international speaker.

She plays big straddling the business and spiritual worlds so that the conscious entrepreneurs, change makers and visionaries she works with can move quick, effectively and profitably. Most importantly, this is her BLISS! She loves working with groups and facilitating meaningful dialogues, connection and learning opportunities.
Our Special Guests:

Michele Madrigal <>
Michele is an Integrative Life Coach specializing in Breakthrough Shadow Coaching. Her traumas and struggles have taught her the life lessons she needed to rediscover a confidence within herself that is truly unshakable. She has survived clinical depression, a major job loss, a breast cancer diagnosis, and the unexpected loss of her beloved husband. This has caused her to become a lighthouse standing tall to guide others on their journey.

Sarah Grace <>

Sarah K. Grace is a powerful and dynamic individual who has spent over a decade merging her career as a Paramedic in some of California’s busiest 911 systems with her innate Gifts of clairvoyant Medium, Medical Intuitive, and energy healer. Combining Western and Energy Medicine, Sarah has spent years studying both physical and energy anatomy while applying her skills in critical settings to thousands of patients as they dealt with life and death emergencies.

Sarah is a Writer, Teacher, Life Coach, Intuitive Energy Healer, Clairvoyant Medium, Medical Intuitive, and Licensed Paramedic. She is a vibrant person who’s intention is to lead by example that one can fully engage their psychic abilities while still thriving in joyful, powerful, and abundant lives.

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