Inversion Workshop


14:00 - 16:00

2449 Athens Ave


headstandWant to build strength & awareness for yoga inversions?! Come explore! Join Candace Poirier at Brahma Shanti Yoga for a grounding and energizing hatha-flow class where she will be focusing on 3 key actions for steady inversions that will send you heels-over-head, with confidence! She will begin with intention for facing fears and some grounding breath-work, then move steadily toward handstand, headstand forearm stand and shoulder-stands; unwinding into a couple restorative poses and guided meditation. *Inversions benefit all major systems of the body, plus, sharper memory, vitality-health glow, build confidence to lead with your heart and cultivate positivity.  Candace, a 200 RYT is a local yoga teacher who began teaching in the Bay area in 2011. Her aim is to create a safe, effective and nurturing space so students can get the most out of this life affirming practice. Email Candace: PayPal Candace: PayPalme/CoCreateVitality, Cash or Check.

Yin Yoga Hands on Healing & Sound Meditation

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